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Originally Posted by CONSO View Post
Regarding how to ' handle' faulty sensors re inertial/GPS systems

See pages 40 and 41 on 787 v 777 features. One wonders why such was not incorporated in MAX ?


•Calculated from angle of attack and inertial data
-AOA –voted dual sensors plus inertial data
-Accurate Coefficient of Lift (CL)
-Airplane Mass from FMC -Validated after Takeoff
•Algorithm developed for enhanced stall protection
•Avoid displaying data known to be bad
-Loss of valid voted VCAS
= Display synthetic airspeed VSYN
-Loss of valid voted PSTATIC= Display GPS altitude

There is an optional module that will notify the pilots that the AoA sensors are out of agreement. It should be mandatory with MCAS but is optional so that it gets around grandfathering rules. Sheer bloody mindedness.
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