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Boeing apparently issued this ;

Stabilizer incremental commands are limited to 2.5 degrees and are provided at a rate of 0.27 degrees per second. The magnitude of the stabilizer input is lower at high Mach number and greater at low Mach numbers. The function is reset once angle of attack falls below the Angle of Attack threshold or if manual stabilizer commands are provided by the flight crew. If the original elevated AOA condition persists, the MCAS function commands another incremental stabilizer

With refence to BOLDed statement (emphasis mine) can someone tell me what that means? By MAGNITUDE do they mean rate of MCAS trim input ( I though fixed rate of .27ish per per second.)?
Does it mean a range where it begins and stops?
What would be the upper and lower MACH numbers they are refering to?

I assumed it just ran pending the other conditions and the rate of trim input did not change

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