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Trouble with abuse is its in the eye of the beholder-it is apparently ok to call remainers snowflakes, traitors cowards etc but say anything about the Quitters and oh no thats not fair.

And I am no fan whatsoever of the IRA at all-in fact was far to near one of their bombs on London in the 70s to feel that way. But this is another situation where we have lied and betrayed people we made agreements with . I am no supporter of theirs in anyway but we have consciously put the NI Good Friday agreement in doubt without a second thought for the people of Northern Island.

And as for comments on Rees Mogg well it seems he is even more of a traitor than i thought setting up offshore funds so rich Brits can invest in the prosperous nation that is Korea, which makes all the things we no longer do , ships cars electrical and telecoms equipment all huge scale mass employment enterprises which we do not have it would be wonderful to see him encouraging investment in the UK but he doesnt . Has he published plans to get the UK back into these global mass markets NO - As a private citizen he do as he likes as an MP no!
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