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He was 20 stone atleast
That's 127kg, the seat rating of an R22 is I believe 109kg.

He got his PPL (god knows how!) 50hrs total.
That's quite impressive for someone with no prior aviation skill and no interest beforehand. I got my ticket (double endorsement too R22 and H300) in just a little over 30hrs and I thought that was very impressive, but had loads of plank time beforehand which made it easier to just focus on the handling side (autos, confined areas, slope landings, limited power, tail rotor failures, etc), also fortunate to be with a great school at the time which would never would have allowed a 20 stone person in an R22.

Clocked up 6hrs on type .... Never flown since.
Brown pants moment perhaps. Reality does have a sense of creeping up on folk.

Mind you the R22 is extremely benign in fair weather which is really misleading because if you throw in a few air bumps it then become a challenging machine to fly well.
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