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Hi Simone
Thanks for your offer to help, really appreciate it !
To help clarify some points:
My testing was done originally at City uni as a battery of tests which I sent to the CAA, I originally thought you only have to send one of the tests which you pass, so hence I sent them just the pass of the HWL,however, the CAA requested to see all the testing including my failed CAD test. Then I went through all the appeals processes and even to the final appeal, I was trying to say to the CAA your not following regulation, I've passed two tests. But according to the CAA those test are rubbish?!?! The CAA then got me to do 2 more CAD tests of which I failed but got better results at . To then deny my class 1.

I wanted to then get a second opinion from another EASA ophthalmologist in another country regarding my testing, who said I should pass my class 1 medical however I should come and do a medical there.
I did so ,I got my class 1 medical in a different EASA state , which was then made invalid by the UK CAA because I had two licensing authorities at one time.
So I was furious getting mislead, thrown about, and the regulatory authority's keeping changing the criteria.

Now to bring it up to date , I recently wanted to transfer my UK class 2 with limitations and my PPL to that same other EASA state ,but I wanted to make sure I would receive my class 1 with no limitations if I did this.
They then replied that the UK has made their decision and essentially you have failed the CAD that's it . But I have passed two tests and the regulation states either by. It does not state you have to pass the CAD or that you can only take one test etc. They then gave me that answer about their interpretation that I believe is incorrect and I did all the testing together . So now I have no idea what to do because they keep shutting me out.

To answer your first question : I had a final appeal with the UK CAA , did not get my UK class 1 , the other easa state class 1 was issued a year ago but made invalid within the month.

To answer your second question, hopefully above will help explain.
Sorry it's such a long post ,but a lot has happened in 2 years.
Thanks again for your help
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