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Hot and Hi.

Smell the coffee sunshine:

All of these are the same price as a range of car prices most people with a reasonable salary can afford.
They see it as a route to getting airborne on the cheap and mixing with everyone else "up there".
Problem is - aviation isn't straight forward, requires lateral thinking and very careful planning.

People who are desperate to drive will buy the cheapest car possible with an MoT for next to nothing and then join the rest of us on the motorway in all weather! It isn't going to end well is it?

Those who do their research properly and wish to committ aviation properly, complete the proper training, stay current and buy the right equipment for the right circumstances before they let loose.......


A neighbour of mine came into some serious money a few years ago (Millions). Prior to this he was a builder with his brother. Before he was a builder, he was a bouncer! He was 20 stone atleast and loved partying.
One day he said to me (because he knew my background).... "I'm joining you pal". I've bought a chopper now and I'll be up there with you before you know it. He bought a R22 for 90k. He got his PPL (god knows how!) 50hrs total. Didn't ask for any advice.
Clocked up 6hrs on type before he realised the damn cab couldn't fly him and his 25 stone brother at the same time!!!!
Sold it back to the broker. Never flown since. Told me recently that it was all too difficult "sticking to the rules"?????

So I say again - nothing wrong with the chopper in the right hnads. What Frank hasn't dwelled on, is that his designs can and most definitely will bite you if they are manhandled in awkward situations. He has left this to training schools to point out.......and there's the rub!

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