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For those fixated on the experience level of the first officer, have we stopped to think of the possibility that the information given out on his/her experience level may be false. So far the only official statement I have read or heard about the experience of the pilots is that of the captain which says he is a senior Captain who has been with Ethiopian for 9 years.

Lets think about this for a minute, 200 hours doesn’t making sense taking into consideration average time to qualify for a CPL, the average time for line training and to get checked out on line as a first officer or second officer at the airline or was this a line training flight with a training captain?

As is common knowledge and has always been said on here, having a low time pilot as a first officer straight out of flight school is not uncommon, this is practiced all over the world and so far without issues, lots of very experienced and very good captains today started that way, not every country has their aviation industry set up like the US to start off in the general aviation sector and work yourself up to the majors.
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