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Originally Posted by Blues&twos View Post
Bloody hell, Stan, have you read the first couple of pages of that link?
"Megan", the author, quotes FDA max daily value for aluminium intake 'over a prolonged period' and then complains that vaccines containing aluminium - given once, not over a prolonged period - contain greater quantities. Also seems to ignore that these vaccines are FDA approved. Either the FDA is a trusted source or not, she can't have it both ways.

Not an article with any credibility.
That is something that winds me up on a number of occassions, when people tell me that such and such is going to kill you without actually understanding quantities and exposures. A lot of carcinogenic and toxic chemicals have exposure rates measures in Time Weighted Average (TWA} or Short Term Exposure Limit {STEL}. TWA is measured for eight hours a say, over a five day period so a total of forty hours, and takes into account the volume of the space you are in for that time period. Standing in a telephone box for forty hours will exceed the TWA while being outside in the fresh air will probably never exceed the TWA with an almost infinite airspace around you. STEL is a fifteen minute period, but that doesn't mean to say you can't go away and come back later for another fifteen minutes.

Aluminium poisoning was big news a few years ago, when those of us that grew up with aluminium cooking pans had been exposed to it for years with no ill effects. From experience, the only time you will exceed the TWA or STEL for more carcinogens or toxins is to be be involved in the manufacture of them. Scare tactics on exposure levels are bad reporting or deliberate misinformation.
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