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I saw a joke some time ago that Martin McGuiness (but it works equally well for Gerry Adams} went to a fortune teller and asked when he was going to die. The fortune teller got out her crystal ball, had a good old look and said "I'm a little unsure of the precise date, but I know it will happen on a day that the British military consider a great celebration". Martin thought about which dates the British military celebrated and could think of quite a few, so he replied "I think you're pulling a fast one, there are so many British military celebrations to choose from"

The fortune teller put the cover over her crystal ball, looked him in the eye and said "believe me, the day you die the British military will be celebrating....."

I always though the trouble in Northern Ireland were not politically, or even religiously based. It was just two groups of thugs who wanted power, the rest was window dressing. I'm just waiting to see if the leader of her majesties opposition is going to give his congratulations, seeing as him and MM appeared to be besties!
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