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Originally Posted by aviator2345 View Post
Hey guys, I'm in much need of some help! I have been stuck in a 2-year battle now to get my EASA class 1 medical with no success

Essentially to make a long story short : I passed both the Holmes Wright Lantern A and the Anomaloscope with a matching range of 4 scale units or less, but for some reason I cannot pass this CAD test (this inaccurate piece of rubbish that has no relation to aviation at all), I took the CAD test 3 times going from original score of 16 to 12 ! Just shows you, not 100 percent accurate at all.
Now according to the EASA regulation Med B075 you should be examined either by. Meaning, if you pass any one of the 3 tests you should be issued a class 1 medical. However, the CAA as you maybe aware changed their regulation quite considerably to only accepting the CAD or normal colour vision individuals on the Anomaloscope. Meaning I was unable to get my UK class 1, even though at the time of my testing the old regulation was still in place.

So when communicating to another EASA state about this, in which they still follow EASA regulation, they said ďThe authorityís interpretation of this either by is, that only one of the advanced colour perception tests needs to be completed and passed, not to try all of them until one is passed.
Please be informed that this will be our last statement in this matter".

Now I have no idea what to do in this situation, all my test was conducted at the same test centre as a battery of tests so there was no way for me to just sit one test, and I wasnít going around to see which one I can pass (however this should be acceptable anyways ?!) Many different people go around to find a test they can pass.
So, I feel like I'm being told to shut up by the medical department like Iím not allowed to have my opinion.

So my two questions are : Has anyone passed their class 1 with a multitude of different tests which some are fails? Basically, any situation similar to mine.
Has anyone got any advice they can give me about what to do regarding this and how I can get my class 1?
Thanks in advance!
I read your post, so Iíll try to help you but I need some more infos: did they release you the class 1 two years ago? Why did they test you with lantern and Anomaloscope if at the end they wanted you to pass only CAD? This sounds a little bit odd!!
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