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Originally Posted by double_barrel View Post
You know how professional pilots get annoyed and possibly insulted, when someone whose only flying experience is via youtube, posts videos of imaginary near misses or go arounds and starts telling the professionals where they are going wrong? That's somewhat how I feel when stuff like that is posted. I try to be polite and constructive, but then I think life is too short and its not my responsibility.
I know exactly what you mean.

I know how it feels to join a new company that professes to be top quality, very professional. Yet the reality I found was very different, the reality on the line was what I would call ‘gash’. Very different to the airlines I had previously worked for, my reality was very different to the perception! I have always been someone who wasn’t afraid of speaking up when I thought something needed saying. At a meeting of the companies pilots, management, including the top people at a nice hotel venue, I listened to them deluding themselves one by one, saying how great everything looked!

I asked if I might say something. I felt like a leper as I described to a silent audience some of the things I had experienced, or knew about from colleagues. This included one of them turning up for one of his early flights to find the Captain he was rostered with so drunk that he refused to fly with him and ordered him to go back to his hotel. (Two Captain bizjet operation) The room was silent, with only one other pilot expressing support. It was harsh, but deservedly so in my opinion. How could they possibly ask really big money for what I saw as a falsehood. They were all deluding themselves!

The big boss, I can’t remember his title, but I think he was based in America or Canada, took me quickly outside and thanked me for my honesty and that he’d look into my allegations, but I got the impression that he’d rather I’d never been hired and would just disappear!

I resigned shortly afterward. I refused to pay my bond as I’d specifically asked about standards at my interview, and was assured that they were seeking the highest possible. Yeah right! Lesson learned the hard way. I scuttled back to EasyJet, where at least the standards inside the cockpit were good.

So what does that prove, if anything? It showed me that people within my own safety conscious industry were more than willing to keep quiet and take the money. So when there is huge money at stake, as there is with vaccines, I’m willing to believe that anything’s possible.

So I don’t hold all ‘professionals’ in as high regard as I might. Some are special individuals, like the surgeon that I saw this week in a programme about a drug that was being tested in a trial on people with Parkinson’s disease. It was a very emotional programme. My wife and I both ended up in tears.

The trial was a ‘failure’, despite appearing to be an obvious success to a layman like me, as it was to the surgeon that I’m talking about. But not to the drug company that developed it.

See what you think.

The Parkinson’s Drug Trial: A Miracle Cure?, Series 1: Episode 1: via @bbciplayer

An experience that brought back memories of my own into the Bizjet world, written by John Deakin, a proper pilot!

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