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I don't "like" things to be one sided, I like things to be factual and supported by actual, controlled, verifiable evidence, whether they agree with my initial opinions or not. That is how we learn and advance. A result is a result whether it supports or disproves a particular theory or idea.
Replace "Wakefield" with a pharmaceutical company name, you'd be all.over it.

Wakefield is mentioned a lot because he deliberately falsified his research findings, among other things. Earlier in this thread I posted a link to the full General Medical Coumcil report detailing their findings and why he was struck off and his research debunked. It's a very thorough report running to 140+ pages, the investigation being carried out by medical professionals over several years, gathering verifiable evidence.

Rather than, say, reading a magazine article.

If it is proven that any vaccine causes autism, or if my opinion on the MMR jab is proven wrong, then great! We then have actual evidence and we can take action, drugs can be withdrawn etc.


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