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I’ve actually raised money for businesses and the rules around this are tight and rigorously policed. Chief amongst those is the requirement for total transparency and honesty - making a claim that you know to be false (or even if you failed to check its veracity) to attract investment is very very naughty.

I leave to your judgment what you might make of requests for investment after claims that a lot has been raised already. And how you may react if, after putting in your hard earned lucre, you find out you’re pretty much the only money in there....

Oh and Jason - no point asking Theresa May for the money. Despite your claims to be her advisor, I’d bet her response will be ‘who?’ And she will know exactly what will happen if she gives you a brass washer - she’ll have BA all over her like a rash, and they will object to your designation from day 1. Then they’ll take the government to court and they will win.

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