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Originally Posted by jindabyne View Post
That's it parapunter!

You have now made it obvious that you are the natural leader of this fear-factor forum. We must be thankful that you and your likes were not around in 1939.

I'm happy to debate with Sally, with Gertrude, with ATN, especially with K&C for years now, and almost everyone else..

However....The member you mention is quite firmly on my Ignore List, because life's too short to be insulted and lectured at because I don't share his opinion on this very specific subject.

Who knows, as they used to say about George W Bush - a great guy to have a beer with, but not fit to run the bar where you're drinking it. It's perhaps the same with this member - he and I might be in total agreement on 99.9% of the rest of life, but it's the other 0.1% which would make it intolerable if his attitude on here is anything to go by

Just try putting him on your Ignore List and you might find the World's a much better place.

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