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I have flown most of my Career, different types of King Air. I love it, but it will not get you in anything bigger.
When i started flying Jets, i had to take the right seat in a Citation for quite a while, because managment thought i couldnt handle a Jet, after 3k hrs in KAs.
These Kids ( FOM) would have Killed themselves, if thrown into a real live KA Operation ( Mountain strips day and night or 2000ft strips with obstacles in private ops, or..)....

To step back from A320 to KA shouldnt be that great a Problem, except that you Need to learn to Fly again :-)

And Payment for a KA Captain at least in my aerea is more in the Region of 50K € bevore Tax....
In some Special Ops you might earn as much as an Airline Captain, but this Companys look for Captains with 1000th hrs on type, not for fresh meat...
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