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News Update

So the second aircraft is identified as an R44, probably flown by a junior pilot in the company. And we all know those things will crash just by looking cross-eyed at them. And yet it didnít and instead the new flagship 505 flown by the 5500 hr Chief Pilot crashed. Which says what, conditions were ok for night VFR after all? The R44 is safer than a 505? Article has a few dead ends, like the navigation aids having any influence in these days of GPS. Was the mission to depart from the shoreline lodge of Lobolo in the dark, fly 10 miles over the flat Lake Tarkana to Central Island for a recce or landing, and then back to Lobolo? On a clear night certainly doable, and it was for the 44 guy.

Maybe the R44 pilot had better night vision, unravaged by a lifetime of malaria. Ok, Iím grasping at straws here.
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