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Getting PIC experience is great for piloting skills and character development. However, if the aim is to get into the airlines later on, at least in europe, king air experience won't help there at all. But an A320 rating and hours on type will, or 737 for that matter.

The thrill of pure flying can be had on the side if one really wants that, i have colleagues flying mainly A320s and throwing people out of perfectly fine aircraft in their spare time, or going for glider competitions, or jumping from mountains or out of aircraft. And others are perfectly happy staying at home each night and working on their family life. In the end it is about quality of life, which does include remuneration, but also stuff like distance from home, time off, roster patterns and so on. And being on an A320 makes it very easy indeed to get onto other airbus types, a CCQ (cross crew qualification, abbreviated type rating course) is not really difficult and enables a quick and painless transition to the long haul world.
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