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We relaly need to ask is the Pm of sound mind-well she is compared to the likes of boris and rees-Mogg but compared to normal people???

Why not sack Grayling for a ludicrous and embarrassing F--k up?? Sane or Insane

Why not sack Liam fox fro achieving absolutely nothing in two and a half years

With horrific figures on knife killings published today she says there is no correlation between what is effectively street crime and the removal of a police presence on our streets. Sane or Insane

And on that subject a former met chief says
  • Tackle the supply of cocaine to the UK from Colombia and Mexico. As the supply has increased and the price has dropped, violence between dealers has intensified,- surely being outside the Eu will help with this -especially negotiating trade deals w th them??
  • Deter young people from carrying knives. Too many are worried about being caught without a knife, not with one, he said, and the police need better technology than knife-detecting wands and arches to detect them-costs money which we dont have now or after the end of the month so wont happen
  • Combat deprivation, which he said was a common factor in knife crime across the country. hardly Conservative policy for the last 50 years , they usually create deprivation just like Brexit will accelerate it

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