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Originally Posted by windypops View Post
Having flown the King Air for a few years I would take the A320 job. In Europe it seems King Air flying is not that well recognised amongst recruiters and even EASA seems to work against you.

If youíre flying the King Air and wish to move on, it can take a while to make that move. If youíre flying an A320 there are many many more doors that are available for you to open.

Salary - King Air Captain £70,000.

Capital Air Ambulance are currently recruiting King Air Captains and pay £72,000.

Iíve done both and would take the opposite view.
I suppose it depends on your personality and your age. If your priority is money first, take the airline job, if you enjoy the thrill of flying, take the King Air.
If you can be satisfied with living today and not always seeking Ďmoreí, I think flying the KingAir wil provide the better memories. 70k is more than enough. In the past I have said the opposite, saying that you can always move down, but not up. In theory this may be true, but in practise itís not that easy.
Choose carefully and Good Luck.
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