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I will admit that when my two offspring were getting their MMR jabs, we delayed it for six months. This was back in the nineties, pre-internet days and there was some warning about bad reactions to the inoculation which we told about at the time. Our decision to delay was not based on the reactions but to the fact that both offspring were too young at the time to tell us what hurt and where. Six months gave us the time for them to be able to develop to a stage that they could communicate.

Of course in those days they still held "measles parties" where if one kids picked up something all the rest of the local kids suddenly found themselves having a playdate in the hope they would catch it too. I don't suppose they do that sort of thing now.

Sometimes I think the internet has done more harm than good, yes we can now share information globally but I would suggest that like many other things you should be made to sit a test before you are allowed to use it. Unless you prove competence you don't get the licence...
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