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Originally Posted by double_barrel View Post
I can't agree with that. There was a concerted effort to eradicate these diseases using intensive surveillance and vaccination. I don't see how there can have been an unknown eradication program. Sure, plenty of pathogens come and go - appear and become extinct - but that is not that same thing at all.

Also, I am not sure why you prefer dormant to eradicated. As others have said, there are stocks of these organisms frozen away, but it does not seem possible that they are circulating in the population.
Reason I use dormant is medical organisations "believe" it has been eradicated, they cannot / will not say for certain there are no carriers of the disease out there. Sure the PR statements will say that but you can guarantee there is no 100% certainty. Unless you test X billion people you will never know. Given right circumstances they may appear again. Even testing everybody is still no guarantee as a False negative or a False Positive is statistically likely as well.

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