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Originally Posted by high flyer 13 View Post
Anyone know anything about the tax situation if your commuting home on 11 days off (Ireland or UK) ?
I believe the general principle is that if you are ordinarily domiciled in Ireland or UK (i.e. your primary home is in one of those countries) and you spend more than a certain number of days (90 days wrt UK tax rules) residing in the country of your primary home, then you're liable to pay income tax on your earnings (be they earned in the country or overseas).... there's a bit more to it than that, but that's the gist of it.

So, on this contract, if you're commuting back & forth to Ireland / UK one would suspect that you're likely to get clobbered by some income tax... which would therein make it a somewhat questionable contract to begin with, wherein (i.e. after tax) your net take-home would be in the region of $8,500 USD.

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