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Originally Posted by jmccrew View Post

the current onboard product is not the same as Virgin Atlantic And doubt they will want to dilute the brand . If it was to be named Vigin Express etc then keeping the current product would be ok . I imagine the product would be in keeping with VS/KLM/AF
You can't take a loss making Airline, stick some V stickers on the side and up the service standards to match the likes of VS et al and expect it to make money. There will no doubt be a change to the training standards in line with VS training. VS are very customer focused lately and that is scoring them huge points, especially seeing as BA is seeing a decline in what they are offering.
As for the on board product and fare structure, VS/connect need to remember that for now they will still be a regional Airline flying short sectors in competition with the likes of EZY and FR. People don't necessarily want the full service on these short routes. They want convenience, good service and reliability. What VS themselves will want to do though is ensure any connecting passengers get the VS feel from the start of the journey, especially if in Premium or Upper on the connecting flight.
Flybe in it's current state is too big to serve just VS, so the regional flying will likely continue after some very in depth route analysis.
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