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If I may respond to a couple of points in one post:

Concur, there is absolutely a difference in timeframes, although we were taught about calling cards in the late 90s when I went through and they featured in the by then dated training literature. But given that it was drummed into us that one salutes rank not the person, and I don’t think that has changed over time, there is simply no doubt in my mind that a wife doesn’t warrant a salute. Standing up for, as you should for any lady, opening doors, addressing appropriately until told to ‘please call me X’. But as commissions are not ‘family membership schemes’, even in the old days, I don’t see how a wife should be saluted.

It is unfortunately a common phenomenon I encounter when working with MOD civilians. The worst culprits are often those who never made it past cpl, but have somehow found themselves at C1, and decide to take the ‘rank equivalent for messing purposes’ to an illogical conclusion. I wouldn’t mind, but many aren’t even close to performing to Sgt standard let alone commissioned standards. And I will admit it crinkles slightly, especially when they are also performing poorly. Most ‘professional’ in the sense of career CS only ever use a form of equivalence to work out what Mess they should be in, which I believe was the original intent.
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