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Originally Posted by meadowrun View Post
Brought to a close before lunch (table already set) with no formal bye byes. A fizzle if there was ever one.
Are the NKs, with Chinese help, recognizing they might be dealing with a lame duck and a murky immediate future?
Naturally there will not be any rational post mortem of this abrupt ending of the summit. For many of Trump's base it will all be the fault of Hillary Clinton, Benghazi, Saul Alinsky, Jeremiah Wright, the "libs" or whomever.

In one way (brace yourselves readers!), I have to give Trump credit on this. He sat down one on one with the young dictator and took a measure of any deal. It wasn't there and he walked. I know it doesn't make sense from how international negotiations are walked through, but it does bring some kind of clarity to the situation. At the very least it drops the charades and puts the focus on what the true points of contention are. It also makes most parties realize that without China in on this that it is all rather futile.

On the other hand...what else did one expect from Mr. Trump's infamous eschewing of preparation and knowledge of the details? Strong aides could have warned of this.

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