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Pretty Boy will probably survive as there have been far more egregious examples of Liberal Corruption that Canadians didn't have the minerals to confront. His sole attribute to the electorate and his get out of jail free card was always "Vote for me! Because I have nice teeth AND my Daddy was Prime Minister".

When former PMs get handed $200,000 in cash in paper bags by agents for aircraft manufacturers, get caught, finally declare it for tax years later "to uphold and protect their integrity" and still appear on TV as voices of the establishment, it really makes you want to puke. Don't even start me on recent power-generation, campaign finance and electronic health record scandals. This list is endless.

If he is ever indicted and found guilty (don't hold your breath when politicos decide the terms of ref for any inquiry), I volunteer to storm the gates and operate the guillotine.

Way overdue.

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