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Originally Posted by [b]dixi188
Overweight landing only when you have no time to dump!
Why cook the brakes and tyres?
please substantiate this reply .

Whilst the aircraft is certified to stop from V1 at Max T.O. weight, the wheels and brakes will almost certainly be cooked and tyres deflated. In an overweight landing with Max Autobrake selected, I think the result would be the similar.
I have only ever done these Max weight excercises in the Sim, but with Carbon brakes on the A300, the brake temps went off the scale, (over 700 degrees C). I don't see the B777 being very different.

Obviously, with the Fuel Dump inop. there is little choice but to land overweight, and with a long runway and lighter braking then the brakes could be saved.

My thoughts,

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