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It is particularly ironic that the supporters of Leave who are so stoical in their defence of all things British often show an inability to use the language to adequately convey their arguments.
Well I am certainly not stoical in supporting all things British. In fact there is much wrong with the UK. Staying in the Eu isn't going to fix it either just going to make it worse.

And it really doesn't matter what technical standard of English people use, remains will find something to criticise about what you have said. And from the very start we have seen that there is two broad groups of the arguments with remains being on the social interaction language services side of things and the leaves being on the physical making things side of things. In some way's being a member of the Eu has promoted the services and interaction side of the population to the detriment of the physical making things side of the population. The physical building type people really don't care about technical standard of language use. They can see and understand the numbers. The mincing of language and being put down due to there functional use of it just hardens there views that these luvvies are pretty clueless.

Given the advantages I get in the real world with a good grasp of the way it works physically and having good engineering grasp of fixing things and making things, both life quality and financially. I certainly wouldn't want to swap those skills for language skills.
Nothing I have written so far in my life will ever last more than a day or two. The stuff I designed and built, from my teens even, is still going strong. Hopefully my current plumbing project will be going strong way beyond my death. And I wouldn't be surprised if the stuff from my teens is still going strong as well, not that I expect anybody using it or buying it to know it was me that was involved designing it.

Anyway next project is designing a new roof for an out house, haven't done snow loading for years. Want it to be raised by a meter. Cost to get an architect to plug in the numbers invent a frame design 1k. For myself a day revising snow loading and making up some drawings, cnc cutting and hydraulically pressing fixtures, production of frames and delivery 2k, 1 day stripping off the old roof and burning it, 1 day preparing the mount surface, 1 day installing frames, boarding and batons another 2 days and a 1k's worth of materials. Metal plates and fittings another 3k and 2-3 days to install. And that's using top range materials and fittings and Ruukki Classic 0.6mm 50 plus roofing sheets. And that's a new roof that will last 50 years.

So 6 k and 9 days work. How much would a new roof on a 16 meter by 5 meter out house with 200m2 area cost if you didn't have a clue? 10k at least I suspect more likely 12k.

Swap that for not getting abuse from remainers about crap English... no thanks.

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