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OAN REF:- 17/2019 DATE OF ISSUE:- 20/02/19 EFFECTIVE DATE:- 10/03/19 EXPIRY DATE:- 19/11/19
1.1 A programme of up to 9 months work, in two phases, to construct the PP04 new Taxiway Echo. For the first phase one of the works, Taxiways Alpha and Charlie will be closed H24 at Intermediate Holding Points (IHPs) A4, A5, C1 and C2. For the second phase of the works Taxiway Charlie will be closed H24 at IHP C2.
2.1 The overall programme of work will commence at 20:00hrs local on Sunday 10th March 2019 until 06:00hrs local on Tuesday 19th November 2019.
2.1.1 Phase 1 will commence on Sunday 10th March until 06:00hrs on Thursday 18th April 2019.
2.1.2 Phase 2 will commence on Sunday 10th March until 06:00hrs on Tuesday 19th November 2019.
2.2 The nightly working hours will be 20:00hrs to 06:00hrs local.
2.3 Site set up will commence on Sunday 10th March 2019 with the welfare cabins being relocated from Taxiway Kilo between 8 th and 14th March.
3.1 Work will be located within an enclosed and demarked work area on Taxiways Alpha and Charlie between IHPs A4, A5, C1 &C2.
3.2 The overall scope of works will encompass the following:
• Site Clearance associated with the removal of existing airfield infrastructure.
• Excavation of existing grassed area and construction of proposed pavement.
• Installation of surface water drainage including attenuation.
• Installation of new Primary & Secondary AGL ducting.
• Reconfiguration of existing taxiways.
• Installation of various taxiway signage & surface markings.
4.1 Taxiway Closures and Restrictions
4.1.1 Taxiways Alpha and Charlie, between IHPs A4, A5, C1 and C2 will be closed H24 from 20:00hrs on the night of Sunday 10th March 2019, for the duration of the first phase of works. Paragraph 2.1.1 refers.
4.1.2 Taxiway Charlie, at IHP C2, will remain closed H24 for the second phase of works until 06:00hrs on Tuesday 19th November 2019. Paragraph 2.1.2 refers.
4.1.3 The closed sections of taxiways will be demarked by lit barriers and unlit taxiway centrelines.
4.1.4 Taxiway Bravo between IHP B4 and IHP B5 remains downgraded to a Code E Taxilane for the duration of the works.
4.1.5 Taxiway Bravo between IHP B4 and IHP B5 will be restricted to a maximum of ICAO Code C aircraft types (B739/A32B) 19:00-06:00 Sunday to Thursday inclusive, but will reopen as a Code E Taxilane each day. The fixed melba logs at 26m from Taxiway Bravo centreline, delineating the muster point, and the portable blast screens will remain in situ throughout the works.
4.1.6 Taxiway Bravo will reopen as ICAO Code F capable between IHP B2 and IHP B3 from 06:00hrs local on Friday 8th March 2019.
4.1.7 Taxiway Kilo will reopen between IHP K4 and IHP K5 as ICAO Code F taxiway from 06:00hrs local on Friday 15th March 2019.
4.1.8 NB. Promulgated restrictions remain: No Code F aircraft between B2 and B3 if aircraft on Taxiway Kilo west of K4.
4.1.9 Drawings attached to this document show the overall area of taxiway closures whilst the work is in progress.
4.2 Compass Swing Base
4.2.1 The Compass Swing Base facility will be withdrawn from use for the duration of the works.
4.3 Engine Test Bay & Open-field Testing 4.3.1 For the duration of the works the use of the Engine Test Bay remains available during the published times. Access will be via IHP B2 onto Taxiway Alpha. It should be noted that there is no painted centreline from B2 north on to Taxiway Alpha towards IHP A4.
4.3.2 All movements to and from the ETB must be carried out under the safety oversight of an Airfield Operations Safety Officer (ASCO) who will move the mobile barrier at the Alpha/Bravo junction prior to any movement to and from the ETB.
4.3.3 Aircraft larger than ICAO Code C (A321/B739) should be towed towards A3 and pushed back tail first along TWY Alpha in to the ETB. When towed from the ETB, the aircraft may be towed towards the WIP at IHP A4, pushed tail back towards IHP A3 and then towed forwards along TWY Bravo to its allocated stand. It should be noted that this manoeuvre cannot be carried out if there is an aircraft parked on the taxiway between Signature and A4.
4.3.4 The facility to carry out open-field testing will remain available but will be coordinated tactically by the ADM on the day. Time restrictions will apply.
4.4 Signature Aviation Apron – Aircraft Access/ Egress
4.4.1 Whilst work takes place at IHP A4, access/egress to/from the Signature Aviation apron will be via Taxiways Bravo and Alpha, west of IHP A4.
4.4.2 A barrier will be placed at the junction of TWY’s Alpha and Bravo to prevent aircraft taking an incorrect routing into the closed area. Airfield Operations will remove the barrier for any aircraft movements to/from Signature Aviation.
5.1 Overall, the work has no impact on the airport’s ability to operate during periods of low visibility.
5.2 Work may continue during periods of low visibility at the ADM’s discretion.
6.1 A NOTAM(s) promulgating significant operational detail will be issued prior to the start of works.
6.2 An Aeronautical Information Package (AIP) supplement will been issued to provide further information.

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