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I don't usually get involved in forum arguments, but boofhead, who told you this utter nonsense?
​​​​​Most got better? No, categorically untrue.
'Some' died? Millions, and with some diseases, most.

Smallpox - the lethal disease - HAS been eradicated worldwide. The virus which causes it is kept, for some bizarre reason, in some labs.

You say there won't be sufficient vaccine if it is released? Eh? Previously you stated that our immune systems would sort that scenario out. You can't have it both ways - either vaccines work or they don't.

They do.

Incidentally, herd immunity to a disease only works for vulnerable people if the majority of the population around them is immune already. The immune population will not contract the disease in the first place, so the vulnerable individuals are not exposed to it. Hence 'herd immunity' with the herd protecting the vulnerable. These days herd immunity is conferred by vaccination. If it were not for vaccination programs, for the most part there would be no herd immunity for the non-vaccinated to rely upon.

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