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No, natural immunity protected very few before vaccines.

One good example of this is The Plague, and there are many more from history, when human beings lived 'natural' lives. Spanish Flu, anyone?

Newborns do not have a robust/developed immune system, hence the "boost" required from the mother's milk, but this is very limited in the immunity it confers. Only exposure to the antigens can develop the immune system, either the full-on disease itself - potentially very damaging - or the controlled exposure to a vaccine.

​​​​​​For the most part, the immune system develops antibodies AFTER exposure to a new antigen. For millions of people prior to the introduction of vaccines, their immune response was not enough and they were overwhelmed by the disease. Vaccinations cause this immune response to occur upon exposure to an inactive or live, weakened (attenuated) form of the target disease. The patient therefore does not suffer significant symptoms, but the antibodies are produced and are "waiting" - a jump-start.

We wouldn't have ever needed to worry about any diseases if the immune system stopprd them in their tracks, every time.

Incidentally, how do you think smallpox was eradicated??
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