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Originally Posted by weemonkey View Post


A reminder to you men, you heroes who flew it,
There's another bunch who also knew it.

The scruffy young 'pantrash' out manning the line,
Strapping in or on headset, come rain or come shine.

The Riggers and Fairies in a constant fight,
Who's bit kept failing that last CSAS BITE.

The Sooties, late nightshift, a forlorn hope,
Birdstrike, Vib Caption, Failed Boroscope.

"Thanks to the Armourers" came the Aircrew's response.
Even though most of their bits need only work once.

Our patches are not 'Thousand hours' or higher.
Our badges are scars from Locking Wire.

Take pride in the honour it was to have flown it
But remember, you borrowed! It was the groundcrew that owned it.
I do like that.
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