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Originally Posted by andytug View Post
Interesting stuff... did he take into account the increase in diagnosis rate for autism though, as it's become more understood the diagnosis rate has gone up. Certainly there were kids when I was at school 40+ years ago who back then were labelled dumb and shoved in a corner out the way. Some of them would probably now be correctly diagnosed as autistic. At the other high functioning end it's even worse, very few get diagnosed and even fewer of those are female as they are better at masking it.
Curiously, looking back at my final year of school in 1980, of 86 students, one was already diagnosed at the time and two more of us have since been diagnosed. We were firmly amongst the high achieving maths/science guys streamed into the top of five classes since we were 11yo.

In my view, two factors have lead to the so-called autism epidemic;
1) Vastly better recognition, detection and formal diagnosis in the last decade or two.
2) The emergence of well paid high status professions open to both men and women, leading to more autistic adults becoming parents.
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