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Originally Posted by Ogre View Post
............I guess it taught me to read all the way to the end before starting,
Yes, me too - always a good idea !

..........still there seemed to be a few too many "reassembly is the reverse of removal".
Yes, although digital cameras, iPads or phone cameras are extremely useful in that you can take lots of pics at every stage of dismantling to aid the reassembly.

Another favourite of Haynes manuals was the casual remark; “remove the exhaust system and manifold” (or whatever), to improve access....... Not bloody likely! Easy enough in a garage with a four post lift, but not spending an extra day scrabbling around laying on my back on my driveway under a car on axle stands, while it pours with rain. I am not fighting seized bolts and taking the entire exhaust system off unless I absolutely have to !

I am trying to work out how the outside tyre would lift off in a corner ??......I think there are CV joint equipped halfshafts now available to replace the Spitfire type rubber doughnuts. I think they used them on Wheeler Dealers once.

Slow in, fast out cornering is what the police teach I believe, and it makes perfect sense.

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