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Why can't the LAPL (H) holder use 1 hour of refresher training in the U.S with an FAA instructor for the purpose of self validation. The LAPL regulation only requires that refresher training is undertaken (plus the other requirements of course). The revalidation undertaken is not set down by EASA, Is refresher training a course of training which must be undertaken at an ATO/DTO? Below is the actual extract from the EASA bible (the formatting is mine);

GM1 FCL.135.A; FCL.135(H)

FCL.140.H LAPL(H) Recency requirements (a) Holders of an LAPL(H) shall only exercise the privileges of their licence on a specific type when they have completed on helicopters of that type in the last 12 months:

(1) at least 6 hours of flight time as PIC, including 6 take-offs, approaches and landings; and

(2) refresher training of at least 1 hour total flight time with an instructor.

(b) Holders of an LAPL (H) who do not comply with the requirements in (a) shall:

(1) pass a proficiency check with an examiner on the specific type before they resume the exercise of the privileges of their licence; or

(2) perform the additional flight time or take-offs and landings, flying dual or solo under the supervision of an instructor, in order to fulfil the requirements in (a).

Could someone please provide a reference that prescribes who the instructor for the "refresher" must be?
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