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Originally Posted by PDMG View Post
The question surrounds a CAA issued LAPL (H) and the requirement to have within the last 12 months refresher training of at least 1 hour of flight time with an Instructor. Or the completing of additional flight time / take offs etc to meet requirements under the supervision of an instructor.

Can that supervision or refresher instruction be with an FAA instructor?

My intial answer is NO but I see a potential grey area in the wording and I’m being pressed by a colleague to take him up to get him current.

Of course the AFSP is another consideration but in theory could a suitable candidate on vacation in Florida could go up for an hour with an FAA instructor, get the tick in his book and by nature of no offical forms to complete the log book entry meets requirements?

And what if the LAPL Holder has access to an AC in the UK, could that supervision happen as two mates going flying providing the “requirements” are met?

Personally I air on the side caution when it comes into regulatory things but worth getting your thoughts for back-up ammunition!!
No - not too sure where the grey area is? Look up GM1 FCL.005(a) to start with 👍
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