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Originally Posted by G0ULI View Post
The UK was the number one European power prior to entering the EEC/EU. Upon leaving the EU we will once again be the number one individual nation in Europe. That is nothing to do with faded memories of Empire and past glories, it is simple financial fact. That and the availability of a nuclear deterrent. France and Germany come close, but both are somewhat lacking in either nuclear weapons or financial muscle on world markets. The UK may not be a match for the combined might of the EU, but it is still big enough to stand alone.
NO it wasn't! It was the "sick man or Europe" economy and productivity wise, with a huge balance of payments deficit, was strike torn and had only just had to go to the IMF to beg for a loan to merely keep going, the consequence of which was a devalued pound and yet another monetary crisis.

This is typical of Brexiteer rewriting of history and a stubborn resistance to actual facts.
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