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Talking on deterrents we have Gavin Williamson stating he is "prepared to use lethal force to deter countries that flout international law" and causing a huge fuss with China. The guy is a walking time bomb, not the first time he has made an utter fool of himself, you simply don't say stuff like this unless you have the credibility and realism to back it up, and he most certainly doesn't.

Given that back in 2006 the guy was a pottery salesman and now controls UK defence strategy one really has to ask what the heck is happening? He is patently not up to the job, has little credibility within parliament and certainly none outside, and is only in the job due to the fragility of Theresa May's position.

I know Ministerial talent is at an all time low, and accepted as such, but this guy belongs nowhere near any reins of power... I'm awaiting his next foolish mutterings.. and as I'm in Moscow perhaps its time to seek out the bunkers.

And I thought "Buff" Hoon was bad.
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