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Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
I’m certain there is a lot of truth in that but nevertheless if somebody asks you:

“should I join BA today because I have been offered a Short Haul a slot, or wait until a Long Haul Offer comes, (delay undetermined)”

what would you recommend?
I think at the moment I'd struggle to recommend BA as a company to work for at all, short haul or long haul. I agree with everything above - morale at rock bottom, scumbag management who couldn't care less, pay cuts and productivity increases all round while they all treat themselves to whopping bonuses. Insult to injury - a pay deal which offers a pay CUT, funded by further increases in productivity. For added hilarity, prior acknowledgement from Klaus that morale was already flagging. It'd be funny if they weren't serious.

Tay Cough has kindly answered your question though and I wouldn't change a word. The only (to emphasise again, ONLY) reason to join BA now is the fact it is a stable and secure long haul airline, arguably the only one in the UK. What scares me here is the speed and extent to which things have deteriorated, aided no doubt by a union which has lived in BA's pocket and which is crumbling and losing support by the day.

Unfortunately I've seen this decline before in a previous airline. Management desperate to shaft us, threshold eventually reached, and a majority strike vote the result. Sadly that unity doesn't exist at BA - we're all doing different jobs (PP24/34, SH/LH, junior/senior, LGW/LHR). It'll get a lot worse before people start to push back here.
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