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At this point that's only an assumption. Maybe he was so desperate for flying hours in the Malibu that he agreed to pay for the whole trip himself? Really - we don't know. And those who know are not talking (yet).
So the person who asked him to undertake the flight paid for his fuel, landing fee and hotel and he was then going to pay them back? Then there is the conversation where he says Iím really short of money but Iíll fund transporting the £2m. a year footballer because I really want some hours on the PA46. There are some scenarios that are so ridiculous that they can be eliminated.

There are are some aspects of this that I find bizarre. It may well be that Ibbotson has lost a very expensive asset belonging to Cardiff City Football Club in circumstances that are illegal but the club owner is funding the search for Ibbotsonís body. I donít see a moral trade off where someone doesnít deserve a decent burial because of wrongdoing but it seems to me that a lot of people are contributing to the Ibbotson fund without understanding that the death of one of the men may be completely due to the negligence of the other.

The club owner is prepared to donate £50,000 to the search for Ibbotson but wasnít prepared to fund proper travel arrangements. To those who say that they offered commercial flights but Sala insisted on his own arrangements, I say that the arrangements made were not ones that Sala was happy with and it has become quite clear that a Football Club does have the ability to control what footballers do in their own time.
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