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Originally Posted by OBK! View Post

Scrap logic. Seniority rules. Senior pilot gets the gig, no questions asked. One thing you can rely on in BA is your number. That just about answers all your questions. “Oh you’ve got 1 million hours on the 787 and you want command?...sorry but I’m more senior and I have zero hours...step aside”.

Frustrating. But thems the agreements. And we love agreements no matter how illogical they may seem.

You will however see shifts in management not quite in accordance to the rule set. “Such and such tech airbus manager is now promoted to tech chief super boss of the 777” for example.
Thanks for the explanation.

One more thing regarding SH on the A320, which is a better base to be at out of LGW and LHR regarding trips, coming home more nights, commuting and general satisfaction etc?
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