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Originally Posted by ChaeBaee View Post
My understanding is that with an RPL you're allowed to carry "more than one passenger if you have a casa class 1 or 2 cert" as quoted however with a PPl you're capped at a max of 5? How does that work?
Utilising your PPL privileges you can hire and fly a Boeing 747 full of friends of yours on a private flight (provided you have a type rating). However you can share the cost of your flight with passengers when there's up to 6 people on board only. if there's more than 6 POB - it's all at your own expense.

Originally Posted by ChaeBaee View Post
With RPL there is an endorsement for operating a flight radio however to my understanding isn't using a flight radio part of training; talking to the tower requesting take off etc.
Radio endorsement is part of PPL syllabus.

Originally Posted by ChaeBaee View Post
With the 25nm restriction for RPL, it includes rottness island which has an airport. Certain forums have said that if I get a PPl im allowed to land at airports other than the one i depart from, is this not the same for RPL? (Wanting to fly to rottness island and come back)
RPL+Nav endorsement gives you similar access to most Australian airports/strips as PPL does. You may need Radio+controlled airspace/aerodrome endorsements for you RPL if fly to class C/D/E airspace and/or aerodromes. The difference is maximum take-off weight as ChaeBaee said.
Just to clarify: even if an airport is within 25NM of you departure or within a defined training area - you can't land there unless you have a Nav endorsement on your RPL.
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