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Pax and endorsement enquiry on Private pilot licence and recreational pilots licence.

Hey all,

Just a few inquiries on endorsements and pax on ppl vs rpl as lots of websites are contradicting each other.

My understanding is that with an RPL you're allowed to carry "more than one passenger if you have a casa class 1 or 2 cert" as quoted however with a PPl you're capped at a max of 5? How does that work?

With RPL there is an endorsement for operating a flight radio however to my understanding isn't using a flight radio part of training; talking to the tower requesting take off etc.

With the 25nm restriction for RPL, it includes rottness island which has an airport. Certain forums have said that if I get a PPl im allowed to land at airports other than the one i depart from, is this not the same for RPL? (Wanting to fly to rottness island and come back)

Lastly, I was considering obtaining an RPL due to the fact that I most likely will not be flying very far and not at night. However, the 25nm radius restriction seems abit too tight. Casa websites tells me that if i get a nav endorsement that restriction will be lifted off however after reading a few forums they have all along the lines said that at that point you would might as well get a PPL. Why is that? For reference purposes, RPL cost around 7k while PPL cost around 16k. Is the nav endorsement that expensive?

Thanks to all who read and reply to this.
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