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Originally Posted by Wycombe View Post
Enough of us "misguided Brits" to fill 5 744's on the day last July when I departed MCO.

Having to wait onboard for 2 hrs after arrival due lightning in the vicinity was a bit of a pain though! (but well-handled by VS)

I have never been able to figure out why there isn't more UK-MCO traffic during the autumn and winter half terms and Easter. A much better time to get your Mickey fix, especially the half-term breaks when all the Americans are in school. Anyhow, VS's UK-US ops are now very much in the hands of the planners in ATL. So any changes there are well thought through by those folks. Now that DL and AF/KL have the vast majority of shares I would imagine similar treatment will be given to other ops, which were only partially controlled by ATL in the past.

As for lightning, that always closes the ramp. Can't place or remove the jet bridge, fuel, or unload/load baggage for the duration. A pain, but everyone is equally affected.
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