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Originally Posted by RexBanner View Post
Let me illustrate exactly how. If everybody who had joined BA after me had joined on the Airbus, Iíd be sitting comfortably in the top 10% of the status list right now. In fact thatíd be the same even if 50% of new joiners had joined on the bus. How is it impossible to see how much of a difference that makes to the pain of an equipment freeze? Iíd say itís pretty easy, much better rosters. Especially being top 10% under JSS. As far as a Long Haul pilot wanting to get to Short Haul but being subjected to the same freeze goes, are you having a laugh? (If I was of a certain mind, Iíd say you were almost trying to deliberately wind me up with that one ;-) )

I appreciate that Iíll slot in ahead of the more junior guys when I (eventually) get to move but as a commuter even the worst JSS lines (except maybe the jumbo, but Iím not touching that with a barge pole now) are far more straightforward for commuting so Iíd take them tomorrow.

Yes equipment freeze waivers are rare, I appreciate that, but after a couple of horrendous summers now it might have been nice to say to some people in the final year of their freeze that they had been waivered to go to the A350, especially as you could do it as a short CCQ in no time. But no, more Long Haul DEP onto the shiniest newest jet in the fleet. Iím not the only one bothered by this. Not by a long shot.
Donít you think it sounds like you want the rules to be different so you can have it your way? It used to be about 10 years to get in the top 10% of the short haul status list if that helps so youíre already doing far better than hundreds of pilots that joined before you. If only theyíd had scale of movement that weíre seeing now.

Itís the same for everyone. I doubt you were bullied in to accepting short haul and commuting when you did and nothing has changed since you joined so you knew the score? You probably took shorthaul because seniority is everything? Well thatís still the case.

Iím a little baffled by your sense of entitlement mind. Youíll have a much happier existence if you just accept that your time will come when itís your turn. Patience is all.
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