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Originally Posted by G0ULI View Post

EU moves towards creating a federal Europe with unified conditions, zero exemptions and a single currency precipitated the Brexit debate. The UK was seeing the opt out provisions and rebates being eroded step by step to the point where a decision needed to be taken as to whether continued membership of the EU was actually in the UK national interest in the long term. Such a decision is effectively irrevokable, so the question was posed in a national referendum.
I disagree. A decision was not needed but through political expediency a certain PM offered a referendum on his manifesto. He thought Remain would win by a good margin. That makes it pretty clear that he thought no decision was needed.

It is generally seen as 'a good thing' that we didn't join the Euro. Instead we watched our purchasing power drop from 1.46 to 1.11. Would joining have been so bad?
He was wrong on both counts.
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