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Rose.....I can assure you navigation in the UK by use of a map and Mark I Eye is very difficult for those not used to the UK.

On our charts....the yellow bits connote Towns, Cities, and Major Urban areas....and they stand apart from the surrounding rural areas both on the map and to the eye.

When you get down towards London for instance....the whole map turns yellow on you and discerning the different place names of the huge glob of yellow becomes impossible to the visitor.

I and another American Pilot got quite lost over London.....he was doing the navigating and I was doing the flying (Honest Mi'Lord....although I was the Captain).

When I saw the map rotate 360 degrees twice in the space of a minute....I suspected the worst and upon inquiring if he had any idea of our location.....he gave me an odd look.

His response while looking back behind us on his side...."Nope...none at all....but it is 3:15!"......made me think he was losing his grip.

I turned the aircraft to see what he could be looking see Big Ben itself.

Fortunately.....I immediately knew where we were and which roads to follow to find our way to Bristow's Headquarters in Redhill.....and a subsequent unplanned meeting with Mr. Bristow himself in his office.

Seems there were some inquiries by some folks at the CAA that related to my tour of downtown London.

Had we been British I surmise we might have been in some trouble....but as we were "....a couple of bloody Yanks...." we escaped and kept our jobs.

After that....Mr. Bristow knew our names for sure.
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