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Originally Posted by The Sultan View Post
From Flightglobal:

What happened to the cruise speed of 170 Knots? For $25 Billion+ the US should be getting something faster that an ASTAR or 407. So the V-22 is twice as fast.

The Sultan
There is a difference between "cruise speed" and "Max cruise speed" (often called "Vh"). The 53E's recommended cruise speed was actually 130-140 max so that's probably what's being referred to in this "141 kt" figure. The Echo flew great straight & level at 170 kts so I'm sure that the K can at least equal that figure since it was already published...there is just no point - harder on the components, fuel burn peaks disproportionately - all to get sailors or marines or cargo to their destination just a little faster (assuming peacetime ops where its not critical). Same thing applies for "your" V-22 I am sure with cruise & max cruise speeds. Same principle applied for the Concorde probably also !
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