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Bastardisation of the English language is deplorable - even the BBC has dropped its RP standards due to the Islington metrognomes and the influence of meeja-city Northern English accents. Tha' knaws

A few examples:
'Reeesearch' instead of 'Rissearch'
"I'm good" instead of "I'm well" or "I'm fine"
Americans stress the wrong word in 2 word phrases such as 'Robin Hood' or 'Top Gear'- so now the BBC uses 'TOPgear' instead of 'TopGEAR'

thegypsy, I trust you cuffed the young sprog about the swede and banned him from making any PAannouncements until he'd learned to speak proper Nigel-speak?

Anyway, back to the plot as Kenny Everett would say. The Channel 5 'Kings of the Sky' programme really is rather good - apart from the '4-point barrel roll' guff.
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