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I was in Arizona learning to fly the USAF way, when the Queen was crowned. I could only dream of someday my turn would come to fly the Queen. Was introduced to the 747 in 1995 and loved every minute of experience. It was a nimble aircraft in the pattern, could fly some amazingly close in circling approaches and not eat of lots of runway. At altitude cruise at Mach 0.85 and even some M.086 if the company requested it. But usually a bit slower, around M 0.82 just to save some kerosene. Still faster than any of the other commercial jets. Had the pleasure of flying all the models thru the -400, save the SP. It had only one very minor fault, who in there right mind wants to sit for better than twelve hours between landing.

Long Live the Queen!

The A-380 is bigger but has none of the majestic beauty of the Queen.
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